Data Collection
Data Pre-processing
Data Annotations
Finished Training Set Data
1) Abundant global collection node resources, in-depth local collection directly;
2) Customized acquisition software to meet the data acquisition needs of various specific scenarios;
3) A professional project management team with rich experience in project management, quality control and cost optimization can achieve high efficiency, high cost performance, and high quality data delivery.
Digital copyright protection
Strictly control the flow of data, protect the privacy rights of customers, and prevent secondary sales. The copyright of the data belongs to you.
One-stop service guarantee
Quickly sort out data needs, provide accurate customized services, constitute a full-process, one-stop AI data service system, optimize project plans for customer pain points, and help the industry to intelligently upgrade.
Data quality assurance
Delivery data accuracy rate is greater than 98%, strict data security protection measures, advanced quality inspection process, standard review separation, project support is stable and sustainable.
Company Quality Assurance
Fanhan Technology has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and international security quality management system certification, ensuring your data security throughout the process.
time cycle guarantee
Full-process management model and professional quality inspection system, distributed global experienced labelers and stable labeling platform, greatly improve the efficiency of standard adoption and shorten the project cycle.